The Kiss My Ass Project Is For Everyone Who Speaks Their Mind In The Most Perfect Way...

Journals & Coloring Books Designed To Help You Get Everything Off Your Chest

The Kiss My Ass Daily Gratitude Journal is for everyone who has something to say and wants to say it in their most authentic voice!

Speak your mind, claim your bliss!!!

Claiming your calm matters. Bring beautiful colors into your world with The Kiss My Ass Adult Coloring Book. It will change your perspective.

Inhale, Exhale Color, Repeat

Letting go of toxic people and environments can fuel your soul! Start releasing by calming your mind with The Kiss My Ass Adult Coloring Book.

Bless and release, friend!

Join The Group & Speak Your Mind!!!

Kiss My Ass Blog

Welcome To

The Kiss My Ass Project

You're As Sweet As Honey

We want to offer a great big hello and hug-fueled welcome to everyone, as we launch The Kiss My Ass Project.

Is it irreverent? Yes!

Is it a bit profane? You bet your ass!

Is it meant to support your voice? In the most perfect of ways!

Is it going to be a ton of fun? 100%

"You're sweet as honey?"

"Say what? You couldn't possibly be talking to me!"

Ever have someone tell you that you're sweet? Then the next thing that runs through your mind is they don't know me at all.

That's when you can be pretty confident that you're not putting your most authentic self out into the world.

The Kiss My Ass Project

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